head [hed]
[ME hede, heved < OE heafod, akin to Ger haupt (OHG houbit, Goth haubith) < IE base * kaput- (orig. prob. cup-shaped) > L caput: merged in Gmc with word akin to OHG hūba, a cap, crest (Ger haube) < IE base * keu-, to bend, curve]
a) the top part of the body in humans, the apes, etc., or the front part in most other animals: in higher animals it is a bony structure containing the brain, and including the jaws, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
b) this part exclusive of the face
a) the head as the seat of reason, memory, and imagination; mind; intelligence [to use one's head]
b) aptitude; ability [to have a head for mathematics]
c) Informal a headache, esp. as part of a hangover
3. the head as a symbol for the individual; person [dinner at five dollars a head]
4. pl. the head as a unit of counting [fifty head of cattle]
5. a representation of a head, as in painting or sculpture
6. the obverse of a coin, usually with such a representation: often heads
7. the highest or uppermost part or thing; top; specif.,
a) the top of a page, column of figures, etc.
b) a printed title at the top of a page, section of writing, etc.
c) a chief point of discussion; topic of a section, chapter, etc. in a speech or written work
d) a headline for a newspaper story
e) froth floating on newly poured effervescent beverages, esp. on beer
f) that end of a cask or barrel which is uppermost at any time
g) the upper edge or corner of a sail
8. the foremost part of a thing; front; specif.,
a) a part associated with the human head [the head of a bed]
b) the end of a pier farthest from land
c) the front part of a ship; bow
d) Naut. a toilet, or lavatory
e) the front position, as of a column of marchers
f) either end of something; extremity
9. the projecting part of something; specif.,
a) the part designed for holding, pushing, striking, etc. [the head of a pin, the head of a golf club]
b) a jutting mass of rock, land, etc. as of a mountain
c) a point of land; promontory; headland
d) a projecting place in a boil or other inflammation where pus is about to break through
e) the part of a tape recorder that records or plays back the magnetic signals on the tape
10. the membrane stretched across the end of a drum, tambourine, etc.; drumhead
11. the source of a flowing body of water; beginning of a stream, river, etc.
a) a source of water kept at some height to supply a mill, etc.
b) the height of such a source of water or the vertical distance through which it falls
c) a rush of water, as in a riptide
13. the pressure in an enclosed fluid, as steam, from its own weight or applied externally
14. a position of leadership, honor, or first importance [the head of the class]
15. the person who is foremost or in charge; leader, ruler, chief, director, etc.
16. a headmaster
17. Bot.
a) a dense cluster of tiny sessile flowers attached to a common receptacle, as in the composite family
b) a large, compact bud [a head of cabbage]
c) the uppermost part of a plant's foliage [the head of a tree ]
18. Jazz
a) the melody or theme of a composition
b) an improvised, usually extemporaneous arrangement that is not written down: in full head arrangement
19. Linguis. any word or word group in a construction that functions grammatically like the entire construction [womanis the head ofthe woman who wrote that book]
20. Mining HEADING (sense 4)
21. Music the rounded part of a note, at the end of the stem
22. Slang
a) a habitual user of a hallucinogen, stimulant, etc., as marijuana or cocaine: often in combination [acidhead]
b) a person dedicated to, enthusiastic about, or addicted to some interest, activity, food, etc.: usually in combination [cheesehead]
1. of or having to do with the head
2. most important; principal; commanding; first
3. to be found at the top or front
4. striking against the front [head winds]
1. to be the chief of or in charge of; command; direct
a) to be at the top or beginning of; lead; precede: often with up [to head a list]
b) to take a lead over, as in a race or competition
3. to supply (a pin, etc.) with a head
4. Rare to behead; decapitate
5. to trim the higher part from (a tree or plant); poll
6. to go around the head of [to head a stream]
7. to turn or cause to go in a specified direction [to head a car for home]
8. Soccer to hit (the ball) with one's head
1. to grow or come to a head
2. to set out; travel [to head eastward ]
3. to originate, as a river
by a head
by the length of the animal's head, as in horse racingby ( or down by) the head
by the head or down by the head
Naut. with the bow deeper in the water than the stern
come to a head
1. to be about to discharge pus: said of a boil or pimple
2. to culminate, or reach a crisis
get it through one's head or get it through someone's head
to understand (or cause someone to understand) something
give head
[Vulgar Slang] to perform fellatio or cunnilingus (on)
go to someone's head
1. to confuse, excite, or intoxicate someone
2. to make someone vain or overconfident
hang one's head or hide one's head
to lower one's head or conceal one's face in or as in shame
head and shoulders above
definitely superior to
☆ head for
1. to direct one's way toward [she headed for home]
2. to be destined for [he's heading for trouble]
head off
to get ahead of and cause to stop or turn away; intercept
one's head off
a great deal; excessively: preceded by a verb [he laughed his head off]
head over heels
1. tumbling as if in a somersault
2. deeply; completely
3. hurriedly; impetuously; recklessly
heads up!
Informal look out! be careful!
keep one's head
to keep one's poise, self-control, etc.; not become excited or flustered
keep one's head above water
1. to remain afloat; not sink
2. to keep oneself alive, out of debt, etc.
lose one's head
to lose one's poise, self-control, etc.; become excited or flustered
make head
to make headway; go forward; advance
make head or tail of
to understand: usually in the negative
on (or upon) someone's head
as someone's burden, responsibility, or misfortune
out of one's head or out off one's head Informal
1. crazy
2. delirious; raving
over someone's head
a) too difficult for someone to understand
b) so that someone cannot understand
2. in spite of someone's prior claim
3. without consulting someone; to a higher authority
put heads together or lay heads together
to consult or scheme together
take it into one's head
to conceive the notion, plan, or intention
turn someone's head
1. to make someone dizzy
2. to make someone vain or overconfident

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